,,Humans should be more independent with their thoughts and aspirations“

,,Humans should be more independent with their thoughts and aspirations“

His music is dark, hard and mystical. Northmaän is a solo artist from the northern part of the UK and combines metal, gothic and industrial sounds with each other. After his singles ‚Torture First‘ and ‚Persevere‘ he released his self-titled debut album on March the 26th. 2021. I conducted an in-depth interview with Northmaän on the release day of his album.

Interview by Christina Angrabeit

CA: ,,First of all, thank you for taking the time for this interview. Today is the release day of your debut album called ‚Northmaän‘. What is going on in your mind at the moment? I can imagine that you are very excited?“

Northmaän: ,,Greetings Christina and thank you for your time. Yes, today is launch day. These are exciting times for Northmaän. A lot of hard work has gone in to this album and I am very pleased with the outcome. Hopefully you are too!“

CA: ,,Recently you mentioned that you had an idea for an exclusive video for my official ‚Angrabyte Journalism‘ YouTube channel. Thank you very much for that! What can my readers / listeners and I look forward to?

Northmaän: ,,That is still in the thought stage. There will be something for the viewers in the future, I have no doubt.“

CA: ,,What do you associate with the name ‚Northmaän‘?

Northmaän: ,,The name and persona are shrouded in mystery. Northmaän is dark and mythical, just as the record suggests.“

CA: ,,I have analysed your lyrics. They are really deep and deal with topics like religions, environmental pollution, lies and much more… One lyric is about self-destruction. Do you think that we humans are in the process of destroying ourselves? And what is particularly important to you, what should your texts convey?

Northmaän: ,,I’m glad you picked up on that point. We, as a species, have to wake up to the fact that the planet does not need us for its survival. I have conveyed this in my lyrics as well as the other topics you have mentioned.“

CA: ,,Your logo consists of a circle with a star in it. What does it symbolise?

Northmaän: ,,The logo symbolises that we as people have many directions that can be chosen. There is no set path. We make our own choices and decisions in life. Do not be part of a brainwashed herd. Don’t be a sheep.“

CA: ,,You recorded your debut album at ‚Northstone Studios‘ in Bridgend, South Wales with producer Jayce Lewis. How did this collaboration come about?

Northmaän: ,,I met Jayce a few years ago now. We clicked pretty much from the start with similar influences and backgrounds, a great start for making an album.“

CA: ,,What memories from the songwriting and recording process do you especially remember?

Northmaän: ,,The whole process went very smoothly as I had the song ideas already. Jayce then worked his magic and brought it all together. There is tremendous attention to detail at Northstone Studios hence why so many major acts choose it.“

CA: ,,Am I right in assuming that the music video for ‚Persevere‘ is a sequel to your first music video for ‚Torture First‘? What is the story behind the two videos and where were they shot?

Northmaän: ,,Yes, they have a link. I want people to use their own imagination and think about what is going on. I perceive them as good battling evil, but what is good and what is evil? Religious figure brainwashing and manipulating good? I don’t think so! Humans should be more independent with their thoughts and aspirations. Not following corrupt religious organisations should be the first step in this process, in my opinion.
They were shot at various locations (in accordance to government guidelines during this time) which I thought suited the mood.“

CA: ,,How did you get into music and how long have you been making music?

Northmaän: ,,‘Getting into’ music started in the early 80’s with the likes of Maiden, Motorhead, Celtic Frost and Bathory. I always had a fascination with the darker side of metal. Maybe picking up ‚Number of the Beast‘ when I was a kid had something to do with it!
I have been ‘dabbling’ in the music scene my whole life, but now I have decided to take my passion a step further.“

CA: ,,In which areas of the music scene have you already been active? Or, as you call it, you have been ‚dabbled‘ in?“

Northmaän: ,,I have only ever been involved in Metal. Writing in other styles does not interest me at this stage. Metal went through a dip (in the UK) in the late 90’s so that ended a lot of lesser known metal acts including mine. Times move on fortunately and feel I am ready to have another go.“

CA: ,,You are a one man band. How many instruments do you play? And how many instruments did you play yourself on your debut?

Northmaän: ,,My philosophy is ‘if I don’t know, I learn’. I bring this in to music by playing a host of instruments. Some ok and some not so! That to me is the addictive thing about being in the studio. It really tests you as there are no hiding places so I have no choice, but to become better at what I do. I play everything on the record.“

CA: ,,Is it easier as a solo artist than in a band? Does it have advantages?“

Northmaän: ,,It has its advantages and also its disadvantages. The writing processes are a little longer without a band (in some cases), but there are no egotistical head clashes when I am working on my own which is a huge bonus.“

CA: ,,Will you go on tour with your debut album when concerts are possible again?“

Northmaän: ,, This I am very much looking forward to. Whenever restrictions lift and allow travel, Northmaän will be on the road for sure.“

CA: ,,Your message to my readers out there:“

Northmaän: ,,Stay safe, stay strong and never give in. See you all real soon!“

Northmaän – ‚Persevere‘ (Official Music Video) | (c) Devfire Entertainment Ltd.
Northmaän – ‚Torture First‘ (Official Music Video) | (c) Devfire Entertainment Ltd.


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